Property Management

Hamilton Properties approaches property management as "Asset Management" rather than as a primary profit center in and of itself.  This assests-oriented approach accomplishes two functions: investment security and maximization of growth potential.  It is based on the assumption that real estate is a long-term investment - but only when it is properly managed.

Hamilton Properties' early involvement in the rural multifamily housing market, in which projects are relatively small in size, evoked development of centralized systems conductive to managing both larger, and smaller projects.

Staff accountants involved in the financial control of properties possess extensive experience in real estate accounting and taxation, knowledge crucial to the proficient application of those systems.  Having developed these systems to match the reporting requirements of various financing bodies, these individuals are accustomed to the financial reporting needs of investors.

To that end, our staff accountants possess extensive experience in real estate accounting and taxation.  Our accounting systems have been developed to assure that we match the reporting requirements of various financing bodies as well as proper reporting to our investors.

Hamilton Properties has management information systems in place for reliable tenant selection, government reports, maintenance budgeting and scheduling, and numberous other items important to Hamilton Properties "Asset Management" philosophy.  Top managers and supervisors are strongly encouraged and assisted in earning different designations such as S.T.A.R. (Spectrum Training Award Recipient) or the Certified Property Manager ("CPM").  In depth training is provided to on-site managers working for Hamilton Properties.  Formal training is mandated for new managers prior to a development's occupancy, and concentrated assistance is provided through the initial rent-up period.  Hamilton Properties' own brand of property management is formalized in an on-site handbook, which serves as both a training manual and reference guide.  In-house, industry and governmental training sessions continue throughout each property manager's career with Hamilton Properties.

Headquarters staff members provide any needed backup services.  Field supervisors take care of three regions for the highest possible degreee of responsiveness to local needs.

Hamilton Properties' centralization of all financial control and property management functions, its dedication to ongoing staff tranining, and its operation through regional management centers results in a total management approach which ensures protection and maximum appreciation of investments.

Services Provided

Items/Services Includeded in Management Fee:

  • Monitoring of project operations, training and supervision of on-site staff provided by main office employees.
  • Maintenance of project books, reports and records.
  • Preparation and distribution of monthly reports.
  • Preparation and distribution of annual reports of operations and maintenance.
  • Preparation of requests for reserve withdrawals, rent adjustments, and rehabilitation and energy conservation proposals.
  • Review of tenant certifications and submission of monthly Rental Assistance requests.
  • Preparation and distribution of operating disbursements and protection of project receipts.
  • Supervision by the Management Agent and its staff (time, knowledge and expertise) of overall operations and capital improvements.
  • Meetings with owners, investors, and/or USDA Rural Development, HUD, TDHCA (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs), MHDC (Missouri Housing Development Commission).
  • Development, preparation and revision of management plans and/or agreements.
  • Preparation and distribution of payroll for all on-site employees including the costs of preparing and submitting all appropriate tax reposts and deposits.

Properties Developed by Hamilton Contracting or Managed by Hamilton Properties Since 1968

  Ellinwood Heights** Ellinwood KS 24
  Oaks III* Leavenworth KS 88
  Osawatomie Sr. Apts.** Osawatomie KS 24
  Park Hill Apts.** Leavenworth KS 48
  The Oaks** Leavenworth KS 16
  Wathena Heights Wathena Heights KS 16
  Wellsville Heights** Wellsville KS 24
  Adams Park Apartments Trenton MO 35
  Aurora Family Apts.** Aurora MO 36
  Billings Apartments Billings MO 16
  Bolivar Heights Bolivar MO 24
  Bradford Park Apts.* Springfield MO 72
  Branson Apts. Branson MO 24
  Branson Estates Apts. Branson MO 24
  Branson Heights Branson MO 24
  Branson Srs. Branson MO 24
  Buffalo Apts. Buffalo MO 16
  Buffalo Heights Buffalo MO 16
  California Family Apts.** California MO 32
  Canyon Trails Townhomes Webb City MO 52
  Cardinal Towers **** Webb City MO 60
  Cassville Apts. Cassville MO 12
  Cherry Creek Estates** St. Clair MO 24
  Chillicothe Estates** Chillicothe MO 24
  Colonial Village Monett MO 20
  Court Square Ozark MO 16
  Deerbrook Apts.* Monett MO 8
  Division St. Apts.* Mt. Vernon MO 6
  Douglas Apts.** Branson MO 12
  Eaglecrest Sedalia MO 24
  Eaglecrest* Ozark MO 36
  Fairway Apts. Monett MO 24
  Fulton Srs.** Fulton MO 36
  Greenfield Apts. Greenfield MO 12
  Hamilton Heights Hamilton MO 36
  Hamiltonian IV* Branson MO 36
  Hamiltonian* Springfield MO 24
  Hillcrest Apts. Cassville MO 20
  Hollister Apts. Hollister MO 20
  Hollister Heights Hollister MO 24
  Houston Apts. Houston MO 24
  Jessica Estates** Raytown MO 36
  Keystone Storage*** Joplin MO 420
  Lebanon Apts. Lebanon MO 24
  Lebanon Heights Lebanon MO 36
  Lebanon Oaks Lebanon MO 24
  Lebanon Srs.** Lebanon MO 36
  Lebanon Seniors II Lebanon MO 24
  Lynn Park III ** Excelsior Springs MO 24
  Lynn Park KEH** Excelsior Springs MO 28
  MacArthur Park ** Washington MO 57
  Madison Sq. Apts.* Springfield MO 14
  Maplepark Apts. Chillicothe MO 47
  Marshfield Heights** Marshfield MO 36
  Marshfield Srs.** Marshfield MO 24
  Meadowridge Apts. Fulton MO 48
  Meadowview** Springfield MO 43
  Meadowview I** Excelsior Springs MO 12
  Meadowview II** Excelsior Springs MO 24
  Monett Apts. Monett MO 20
  Mt. Vernon Apts. Mt. Vernon MO 12
  Mt. Vernon Single Family Housing Mt. Vernon MO  
  Nevada Heights** Nevada MO 32
  Nixa Apts. Nixa MO 20
  Nixa Heights Nixa MO 40
  Oak Grove Heights Bolivar MO 36
  Oak Tree Apts.** Branson MO 24
  Oakcrest Apts.* Sullivan MO 24
  Oxford Apts. II Joplin MO 84
  Oxford Park** Joplin MO 48
  Oxford Partners, L.P.** Joplin MO 18
  Ozark Apts. Ozark MO 16
  Ozark Sr. Apts.** Ozark MO 24
  Pinehurst Apartments Ozark MO 36
  Reeds Spring Srs. Reeds Spring MO 20
  Republic Apts. Republic MO 20
  Republic Heights Republic MO 12
  Republic III Republic MO 24
  Richmond Sr. Village** Richmond MO 40
  Riverside Heights Ozark MO 20
  Shafer Estates* Mt. Vernon MO 12
  Shannon Valley Apts.** Waynesville MO 48
  Skyview Heights** Waynesville MO 36
  Smith Senior Village Richmond MO 40
  Stoneridge Apts. ** Springfield MO 24
  Strafford St. Apts. Strafford MO 16
  Sullivan Family Apartments** Sullivan MO 36
  Sunset Heights Monett MO 36
  Tablerock Heights Branson MO 20
  Tarkio Family Apts.** Tarkio MO 24
  Trenton Heights Trenton MO 40
  Village Apts. Of Warrenton Warrenton MO 12
  Warrensburg Senior Housing** Warrensburg MO 36
  Warsaw Fairview Warsaw MO 24
  Weston Senior Citizen Housing Weston MO 44
  White Pine Estates** Marshfield MO 30
  Willard Estates Willard MO 20
  Willard Heights Willard MO 20
  Wright City North Wright City MO 24
  Ashland Park I Ashland NE 12
  Ashland Park II Ashland NE 24
  Crete Apts. Crete NE 36
  Ft. Calhoun Apts. Ft. Calhoun NE 20
  Gretna Apts. Gretna NE 24
  Lost Creek Apts. Lost Creek NE 24
  Norfolk Apts. Norfolk NE 40
  Papillion Heights** Papillion NE 48
  Schuyler Apts. Schuyler NE 24
  Springfield Apts. Springfield NE 16
  Walthill Apts. Walthill NE 8
  Washington Heights Calhoun NE 20
  Boise City Boise City OK 24
  Buffalo Apts. Buffalo OK 16
  Cambridge Apts. Oklahoma City OK 124
  HLM Sallisaw II apts. Sallisaw OK 24
  Hooker Apts. Hooker OK 20
  Keyes Apts. Keyes OK 8
  Laverne Apts. Laverne OK 16
  Mannsville Apartments Mannsville OK 8
  Oak View Apartments Tishomingo OK 24
  RoseRock Apartments I Sallisaw OK 24
  Spiro Pioneer Village Spiro OK 36
  Tahlequah Apts. Tahlequah OK 16
  Kyle Apts. Rosebud SD 20
  Abilene Senior Village Abilene TX 92
  Alvarado Senior Apts. Alvarado TX 24
  Bell-Aire Manor Apartments Brady TX 16
  Bogota Senior Apts. Bogota TX 24
  Clarksville Senior Apts. Clarksville TX 24
  Clifton Manor Apartments Clifton TX 40
  DeKalb Senior Apts. DeKalb TX 24
  Detroit Apts. Detroit TX 24
  First Huntington Arms Apartments Huntington TX 40
  Hamilton Manor Apartments Hamilton TX 18
  HLM Red River Apts. Clarksville TX 24
  McGregor Senior Apts. McGregor TX 36
  Mt. Pleasant Senior Apts. Mt. Pleasant TX 28
  Nacogdoches Senior Village Nacogdoches TX 36
  Rusk Senior Apts. Rusk TX 24
  Stone Glen Apartments Glen Rose TX 20
  Troup Senior Apts. Troup TX 36
  TOTAL UNITS   4,478