Community Revitalization

One of the most exciting trends in our construction division is the revitalization and rehabilitation of existing rental properties and the conversion of otherwise unused large structures into modern housing that meets the needs and demands of both communities and our residents.

When existing, but substandard housing can be rehabilitated into modern apartment homes which meet every standard of both resident desires and government code requirements, everyone wins.

When structurally sound, but abandoned or unused industrial structures can be converted to beautiful apartment homes with all needed amenities, local history is preserved and both residents and the local community benefit with new living and social spaces that meet the needs for expanded living resources and the utilization of existing structures.

We are focusing our efforts on not only providing the finest in new apartment housing, but in preserving and converting these previously underutilized and very significant parts of the histories of our goal communities. 

Please contact us regarding our revitalization abilities as we can apply them to needs in your community.

Murdoch Contracting Services

Hamilton Properties Corporation is constantly striving to raise and keep the living standard of our residents at the highest level of comfort and safety. As part of that effort, we partner with other components of the housing industry to provide this lifestyle. One very major component is construction and Murdoch Contracting, LLC is our major partner in that effort.

Murdoch Contracting's energy is focused on extensive repairs and maintenance of rural development properties, as well as moderate to substantial rehabilitation of existing housing communities. We have now expanded vintage school buildings into outstanding public rental communities, while preserving vital local history.

We are also affiliated with sister companies which have provided developer/design services, construction funding, plus management of the the newly developed communities throughout all of our projects.

While we are part of the group of companies that services Hamilton Properties Corporation projects, Murdoch Contracting, LLC is a private company available for work with any client. We welcome all inquiries!

Murdoch Contracting has been recognized with the 2013 Missouri Preservation Award and with Green Globes Certification. In past years Murdoch Contracting has also received the USDA Rural Development Certificate for Commitment and Dedication to Preserve Affordable Rental Housing award for the Colonial Village rehab.

Some of the governmental agencies with whom we have worked are:

  • The US Department of Agriculture
  • The Missouri Housing Development Commission
  • The Nebraska Investment Finance Agency
  • The Kansas Housing Resource Corporation
  • The Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

Some of our projects include:

  • Cardinal Towers in Webb City, Mo. (rehab)
  • Colonial Village Apartments Monnet, Mo. (rehab)
  • MacArthur Park Apartments, Washington, Mo. (conversion of abandoned factory into senior apartments)
  • Adams Park Apartments, Trenton, Mo. (conversion of 1920's school building into senior apartments)
  • RoseRock I&II Apartments, Sallisaw, Ok. (rehab)
  • Rehabilitation projects are about to begin on Stone Meadow Estates in Nixa and Ozark, Mo. (76 family units)

Our contact information is:

Phone: 417-864-9900

or please contact directly: