Hamilton Properties Corporation

Knowledge, ability and financial strength are the keys applied by Hamilton Properties Corporation to the successful completion of all of it's real estate ventures.  These are the foundation resources and expertise with which we have approached all of our current and future property developments since our founding in 1968.

We carefully analyze equity investment and proposed real estate developments to ensure advantageous and secure projects for our investors.

As owners, managers, and developers of more than 100 projects, Hamilton Properties Corporation has never defaulted on a loan or experienced a default in equity payments.

We have the outstanding abilities to enter any project as developer, general partner, builder or the managing agent.

Our owners and staff are responsible for the successful management of millions of dollars of property development and equity investments.

Education and Training Center

The Hamilton Properties Corporation established a corporate training facility in 2006 to consolidate our education program for new and existing managers and employees.  The Hamilton Properties Education and Training Center provides comprehensive orientation for new employees which includes Hamilton Properties Corporation history, risk management, benefits and payroll, family housing issues, marketing, facility tours.  This program takes our property managers through a “Day in the Life of a Property Manager” scenarios where they will experience real situations, paperwork exercises, and roll playing to prepare managers for what to expect from the moment they open their offices each day.

Because we are composed of different types of property management structures (IE Tax Credit, Rural Development, 515, and conventional properties), it is imperative that unique classes are available in each group.   Teachers come from our in-house experts and from outside contract experts.  Supervisors monitor the progress and expertise of each manager during this training.  Each employee is offered the opportunity to expand their property management knowledge through additional certification training.


Hamilton Properties Corporation has applied its financing creativity to working with a number of construction and permanent debt financing programs, each secured by a strong inventory of real estate.  These include such tools as loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration, loans for the USDA Rural Development, and state housing finance agencies, local housing authorities, as well as conventional sources.


Hamilton Properties Corporation continues to anticipate new market needs and responds by targeting its abundance of skills and resources to fulfill those needs.  From development to construction to property management, we move forward in managing risk and creating financial benefits for our investors.

We continue to strive for the highest proficiency in our principals and staff who attain the Hamilton Properties Corporation goals on behalf of our investors and residents.

These individuals also move us forward in our excellent working relationships with local governments, financial agencies and government agencies.

We will continue to maintain our position as a leader in the contracting and property management fields.  Our long term commitment to excellence in these fields assure that our investors and residents alike will continue to profit from our ongoing commitments and relationships.

Our Parent Company, Hamilton Properties Corporation, Is Proudly Affiliated With The Following Companies:

  • H & H Development Co, L.L.C.
  • Cardinal Developers, L.L.C.
  • Wrigley Company, L.L.C.
  • Rural Housing Developers, L.L.C.
  • Hamilton Contracting, Inc.
  • K. Hamilton Corporation
  • Mid-American Laundry
  • Ryan & Douglas Development, Inc.
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