Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - February 20-March 4, 2016 Update

Starting on Monday the 20th, we had 15 framers on site working on the floor trusses for the 3rd and 4th floors, and had a plywood nailing inspection, which we passed. Electricians continued to box units as they become available and have started conduits on the first floor above the common areas.
Plumbers worked this week on getting waste and vent in the first two floors on the west end. PCF came out to install the west stairs, which they nearly finished by the end of the week.

We started flushing and testing the fire lines as well as the site fire hydrants, and completed that the following week with no problems. First floor fire sprinkler mains have also been installed.

Double J continues their work on the detention pond, and work on the north side of it began the following Monday.

The following week began with more framing and trussing on the third and fourth floors, followed by a downspout inspection on the south side, which we passed. Like we started last week, the west end steel stairs were also completed.

Tuesday was more of the same with framing, and Tyvek was going strong around the 1st floor. Even more framing happened on Wednesday, with lots of work completed on the 4th floor.

The 3rd floor exterior plywood inspection was passed without a hitch, so we were able to get Tyvek going on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Electric, Tyvek, Double J and the plumbers kept on with their regular work, boxing units, backfilling and passing inspections.

The next week we looked forward to duct installation and more HVAC work, as well as steelwork on the front of the building.

Monday the 29th we received the rest of the roof trusses and installed them until the wind made it too unsafe to continue. The electricians were all over the site, and plumbing and HVAC kept going on their layout around the building.

The electric crew focused on prepping for light poles to go in on the north side, and they will be able to move forward with it once the rough grading around the front of the building is done.

Wednesday saw more truss work until the wind came around again and it was unsafe to continue.

Thursday and Friday the framers were back at it and we got our shipment of windows in. We started installing them as soon as possible. Next week, we look forward to pouring for the light poles as well as more plumbing and HVAC layout.

Stay tuned for another update in the next few weeks!