Wheat Ridge Apartments Rehab

Phase 1 of our rehab project in the Ponca City Region will reach its end as October nears. We have been renovating the first group of 24 units since the project's beginning.

Wheat Ridge Apartments are family residences built with a sense of community, comfort, and energy efficiency. All of these units were older, run-down complexes that make good candidates for a complete renovation to fit a modern family's needs.

Our renovations tackle all the elements of the building from the ground up. Each unit is getting all new flooring, cabinets, appliances, doors and trim, and the roofing will be replaced with architectural shingles. Inside the walls, we're also replacing all the plumbing, mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems to make Wheat Ridge Apartments as comfortable and state-of-the-art as possible.

One of our main focuses is to construct community spaces for family use. Outside, we're putting in modern playground systems, picnic areas with barbecue grills, and brand new landscaping. Indoors, laundry facilities will be located at each site. A computer area and library will be built at two sites for the exclusive use of the families living there.

We appreciate that our residents want to keep their utility bills as small as possible. With that in mind, "green" is the word that fueled our renovation planning. All four sites will feature a recycling center. The apartment buildings will be constructed with energy-efficient concrete siding for improved insulation. We are installing high efficiency heating and cooling systems, the key to keeping utility costs low and reducing the whole community's impact on the environment.

Our scheduled completion date is December 31st. By the end of the year, our vision is to have an energy-efficient, family friendly, sparkling new home for our residents.