Stone Meadow Apartments Now Open

We are very near the first anniversary of our complete rehabilitation of our beautiful Stone Meadows apartment residences and have added to the lifestyle and appearance of these wonderful homes by adding some extensive new landscaping upgrades for the enjoyment of our residents. Our ongoing commitment to upgrading and continuing upkeep on our properties is very much in keeping with our dedication to creating a wonderful lifestyle for our many fine residents.

Two of our properties in Nixa, Mo. and one in nearby Ozark, Mo. (Nixa Heights, Nixa Apartments and Ozark Apartments) have now been combined under their new name of Stone Meadow Apartments. Like our rehab projects in Oklahoma, these three Missouri properties have received a total reworking to create a brand new and graphically updated lifestyle experience for our residents.

The office for these combined properties is located in the new community building on the Nixa campus. This building will has a large family use space complete with a community kitchen, ample seating, computer cafe with WIFI, exercise equipment, large screen HIDEF TV and laundry facilities.

Rehab work began in the Stone Meadows communities in Nixa and Ozark, Mo. in September on 2013 and reopened in May of 2014.