Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - Weeks of Sept. 4th—Sept. 18th

Monday the 7th was Labor Day, which meant that work began first thing Tuesday morning. Black Hills Energy started trenching for the electrical lines to run them into the connection cabinet. They finished this on Wednesday and filled in the trench, so that we had usable power on the site by Thursday, all of which passed electrical inspections.

Double J continued their work in excavating the building pad, and we passed all our moisture and soil density tests too.

On Thursday morning, Construction Compliance Supervisor Doug Hamilton came to visit the site for the bank draw. The Pueblo Regional Building Department also gave us approval for our foundation sketches, meaning we were able to start digging foundation on Monday the 14th.

The week started out with footing lines and rebar settings, leading up to the first pour of concrete on Tuesday. The concrete pouring continued consistently throughout the week, and our timeline for completing the footings was by Saturday night.

Tests with the City of Pueblo and engineers have been going routinely; the city department and fire experts advised us on the line placement for the fire sprinklers. Our plumber and electrician have been making routine visits as well to keep up with our progress.

Everyone is working to keep up with the steady pace of the project. The project carries on as planned, with next week featuring more foundation work and planning for the steel columns. Stay tuned for the next post in two weeks!