Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - Weeks of August 21st-September 4th

Starting Monday morning we continued to flatten and shape the ground, excavating dirt so that we could form a building pad. This pad will be part of the foundation of the completed building.

By Friday morning we had completed the pad excavation. At that point, the soils engineer came out and ran more tests. Once he finished these, we got the go-ahead to start backfill, filling in all the extra space we’d made during excavation.

We finished fencing in the whole site on Tuesday morning. The water lines, fire hydrants, and transformer pedestal were also delivered, meaning we’re already focusing on the veins that pump electricity and water through the walls of the community.

You can see the basic shape of the community now. It’s only a matter of time before the walls start coming up.

Over the weekend (Aug. 28th-30th), the temperature soared into the 100s with steady 15-20 mph winds. As a result, we had to recondition the soil so we could pass our next compaction test, which we did.

The rest of the week went routinely, with us passing all compaction and backfill tests.

As we had hoped, the surveyors came out on Wednesday and mapped out the locations for our water lines, fire hydrants and transformer base. Bible Electric finished the transformer base installation on Friday.

We have also finished marking the site with construction signs and an address marker.

Our plans for the coming weeks are:

  • Continue with the excavation process
  • Work towards installing the foundation footers

Stay tuned for the next update in two weeks!