Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - October 2015 Update

The week of the 2nd began with more backfilling inside and outside of the building foundation. By Tuesday night we had four areas on the west side of the building compacted.

Compaction tests followed on Wednesday morning, which we passed. As a result, work began on trenching the plumbing drains. The rest of the week continued with backfilling, followed by plumbing drains as soon as they had finished an area. Overall, it was a normal productive week.

On Monday the 12th, the week started out much the same as the last one, with more backfilling followed by drain installation. We worked from the west side of the building towards the center. As always, we passed our soil compaction tests.

By the end of the week, our building backfill was completed, and focus returned to grading the north parking lot.
The real highlight of the week was the safety inspection with SFI. We had 100% compliance, which was fantastic.
Then on the 20th, the plumbers finished trenching on the east end. They continued with backfill and compaction later in the week.

After a rain delay on Wednesday and Thursday, we returned Friday to put in more conduit under the slab drains, getting it ready for inspection.

The electricians were on site over the weekend to wire up the parking lot lighting. The parking lot itself has been graded completely on the west side, and is now ready for the installation of the curb and gutter. The following Tuesday, the parking lot final grading was finished.

Starting on the 26th, we began preparing for the building concrete slab pour, after finishing up the electrical conduit trenches throughout the building and parking lot. On Wednesday, we began placing the gravel and Radon system, which will be completed this weekend.

On Wednesday we passed more compaction tests; they've become routine by this point. The next day we prepared to pour concrete on the west end, and then started with the pour on Friday.

Next week will see more plumbing work, grading and pouring. Check back soon for a new update!