Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - November 1-14, 2015 Update

As planned, on Monday we started the curb and gutter on the parking lot, which we put in from north to south towards the building entrance. Tuesday morning we began pouring concrete at 4 AM, and finished the building slab.

Then we turned our attention to the trash enclosure. We began digging the footings, placing the gravel, and finally pouring the concrete for the enclosure on Thursday.

With that done, we focused on the driveway. We had so many trucks going in and out on Thursday that we had to wait to demo the sidewalk until Friday, but once we did we quickly got the grading done. Then we formed the apron, had everything inspected, and poured the concrete. It was a productive week.

Next Monday, the 9th, saw more work on the curb and gutter, which we completed by Wednesday. On Wednesday we returned to our fire hydrant pipe lines to put in some more base gravel, which passed the proof roll observation.

The masons worked on the west stair core through the middle of the week, and stayed until Saturday to more the scaffolding to the east stairs to get those finished by next week.

We have completed 90% of the base gravel layer in the parking lot, and are all ready to go again come Monday.

Check back in soon for another update!