Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - May 2016 Update

It's been a busy week at Oakshire Trails. We started off by setting light poles in the north side parking lot after the electricians completed the rough in on the entire property.

The attic dry system is up and passed inspection. After that, HydroPro Fire charged up the fire sprinklers with water.

Our HVAC crew is continuing to work on the line sets for the 2nd floor. We had a courtesy inspection last week on the duct work in place. We are also reworking the fire dampers, making sure to stay above the dropped ceiling white getting out of the mechanical closets.

We are working on a mock up for multiple round ducts for plumbing and electrical. Once we get our blueprint for a single apartment approved, we'll implement that on the whole building.

Our siding crew continues to install siding all over the building.

Quality Stone has started their work this week. They have managed to lath a good portion of the north side, and have called in a partial lath inspection for Friday.

Redline has drywalled everything they possible could, including corridors and shear walls. They are doing some metal framing for the fire dampers per the inspector’s request. They returned to site on Thursday to complete the fireplace, the Porta-Cochere sheathing, the louver openings on the first floor, and the smoke door rough openings on the 1st floor.

Hardscrabble plumbing has been hard at work setting showers on the 2nd , 3rd, and 4th floors.

Going forward, we are looking into ducting for plumbing and electrical once our blueprint is approved. We are also working on siding, stone and drywall as soon as we can get a crew on it.

Check back in soon for another update from Oakshire Trails!