Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - June 2016 Update

It's been a busy few weeks at Oakshire Trails. On Monday June 20th, we started with putting stone veneer all around the building, followed by light pole installation, decking work, and 3rd floor drywall. Following this, we passed framing, insulation, and lath inspections easily in the morning.

Work continued as normal through Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we passed inspections on the recently installed light poles in the building's rear, and got the go ahead for more 3rd floor framing.

Later on Thursday, we mocked up a design for the deck and balcony guardrails to make them as safe as possible. Friday was then spent preparing for more inspections the next week. The following Monday we had 14 apartments with heat systems ready to be inspected, and they all passed. We passed more insulation and leakage inspections, and by the end of the week we had the soffit lighting in the kitchens completed.

The insulators have netted the entire first floor and put in insulation on the top 4' of the walls. This was after the plumbers were able to start their work in the ceiling of the first floor. We've created a chain of crews to make their way across the second floor. First are the insulators, followed by drywall hangers, then the metal stud crew, and finally the HVAC crew is right on their heels with the split systems for the apartments.

The exterior doors are on their way, and once we have them in, Quality Stone will return to fill in what they can around them. Plumbers continue their work on the lines and fixtures, as well as tying in the drains to the rest of the system.

To round out the week, we will be shooting the texture on the 4th floor over the weekend, followed by more gutters and downspouts being installed around the building starting on the south side.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates from Oakshire Trails!