Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - July 2016 Update

Work has been progressing quickly over the past few weeks at Oakshire Trails. On the morning of Monday July 22nd, we began pouring the gypcrete base for flooring on the 3rd floor.

Tuesday saw us beginning the trim for the 3rd and 4th floors, including door jambs. We completed the 3rd floor trim by the weekend. 3rd and 4th floor painting also continued as we bring in 4x the painters to get the job done.

The plumbers are making their way through the first floor, and completed 6 of the apartments this week. Drywall was not far behind them, hanging what they could in the apartments that were ready.

We had a major breakthrough when we completed the metal part of the front roof. The entryway is really starting to come together. After that was finished on Wednesday, our shipment of plank flooring came in for the fourth floor, followed by the carpet and pads later in the week.

Refrigerant piping was laid down in the first floor apartments, and we made preparations for the next 14 apartments on our list. We’ll start on the refrigerant lines soon after that.

Double J keeps working on the grading for our sidewalks, focusing on the south and east sides of the property.

On Monday the 29th, we started installing the plank flooring on the 4th floor, along with carpet, bathroom tile and cabinets.

Our HVAC pad is coming together, with line sets completed and power hooked up. Permanent power is being installed courtesy of Black Hills Energy, and our meters will soon be ready for all apartments.

Midway through the week, we had the 3rd floor hallways prepped for electrical trim and lighting, as well as 3rd floor apartments painted.

As you can tell, the site is busy and will continue to be until the day we finish. Check back again soon for more updates from Oakshire Trails!