Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - January 22-February 12, 2016 Update

It has been a busy few weeks at Oakshire Trails. Monday Jan. 18th started out with a test of the fire coating paint on the steel, and we passed it. The next day the framers went to work on the steel again, while the painters applied the rest of the fire paint to the bottom of the steel columns. Afterwards, the framers built the south wall and a couple more interior bearing walls.

On Thursday we had electricians work on boxing out the units that are framed, and are awaiting approval for the box locations in anticipation of the City Electrical Inspector's visit the following week.

We continued work down at the detention pond, setting the outlet box and drain pipe as well as more grading. The next week would feature more framing as well as a weld test and more fire coating paint tests.

On February 1st we started back up with framing and setting trusses as scheduled once the snow let up. Installation of the east stair has been going smoothly, and the west stair was scheduled to be delivered from the shop near the middle of February.

The roof truss drawings were nearing completion, and windows and doors have been released, meaning we can get started on those in the near future. Detention pond earthwork also moved forward without delay, with a trickle channel scheduled to be poured the following week.

Starting up again on the 8th, the second floor trussed and subfloor were completed in the middle section of the building, as well as the second floor walls. The third floor tresses were to be set on Friday.

Alongside more grading of the detention pond, Colorado Flatwork came to pour the concrete trickle channel as expected. HydroPro Fire arrived on Thursday to begin the FDC and stand pipe install.

Airmaster was on site Friday beginning with the first floor units. Our plumbing install is scheduled to begin on Monday the 15th.

And the best news for last: we had our third party safety inspection on Thursday, and received 100% compliance! This encouraging news will keep us going strong into the next few weeks. Check back soon for another update from Oakshire Trails!