Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - January 1-15, 2016 Update

We began Monday by moving the intumescent paint to where we could shield it from the cold. Then the framers continued the non-bearing first floor walls.

On Tuesday the scaffolding company came out, followed by Bible Electric to begin the underground conduits in the northwest corner.

Wednesday saw the scaffolding system complete, while Thursday we stretched reinforced poly over it. We spent Friday receiving shipments and making sure the site was properly heated over the weekend.

Starting off the beginning of the next week, we continued putting up the 2nd story walls and underground piping to the electrical panels, as well as applying the intumescent paint.

On Wednesday we completed the west side subflooring and put up guard rails and continued painting and conduits. Trussing and framing continued, as has been routine.

Thursday morning, we finished framing on the west side, and resumed trussing on the east side.

Friday was more of the same, with framing coming to an end on the east side, and more footing and grading work around the site.

We're hoping for good weather through the rest of winter so we can keep up this good pace. Stay tuned for our next update!