Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - December 15-31, 2015 Update

On Monday the 14th, we began framing the east side of the building. At the same time, our grout job below the steel columns was reviewed and accepted.

We were schedule to pour concrete around the columns on Tuesday, but we got snowed out. Throughout the week we received soil deliveries for our grading of the detention pond.

The concrete crew came out Wednesday morning to work on the steel locations and put in the waterstop. The framers also continued framing on the east end, and by the end of the day both the east and west ends were finished. They worked on the exterior and windows through the rest of the week.

The following Monday, we prepared the layout on the walls for the trusses that showed up on Tuesday morning, when we began setting them. We also ordered the metal deep track for the slip connection, which should arrive before the end of the year.

On Wednesday, we finished the blocking at the trusses, then stocked it with plywood. The next day saw us receive our shipment of truss hangers and finishing the mechanical shafts framing. Finally, we began the plywood decking on the second floor.

Monday the 28th saw the framers returning for another long week, finishing up the truss joist and the plywood decking on the second floor. They then put up guardrails before moving down to the first floor to work on more of the interior walls.

Progress continues with the grading of the detention pond, as well as rough grading on the south and east sides of the lot.

We are continually receiving approved submittals for different parts of the building, meaning we’ve been focusing on making all our potential designs work with one another. Soon we will begin painting the steel with intumescent paint, after which we will begin implementing the designs for the front of the building and balconies above the common areas.

Going into the New Year, we hope to stay strong and on schedule all throughout 2016. Check back in soon for the first update of the year!