Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - August 2016 Update

Week Ending: August 19, 2016

On site, finishes continue. We had our cabinet installers on Wednesday to continue with the 2nd floor cabinet install. The tile, carpet and LVT are being installed on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor electrical trim is complete this week. We are currently working on 2nd trim of the 2nd floor. The painters are doing 2nd paint on the 4th floor (to paint the 2nd trim, and drywall point up). They also began with painting the exterior. The top soil is being brought in and distributed at the back of building area today. We are currently pushing toward texture in the 1st floor apartments. Colorado Flatwork worked all week to complete the sidewalk/walkways south of the building. The plumbers completed their trim on the 3rd floor. Our HVAC crew has completed trim on floors 4, 3, and 2. They continue to work on line sets and ducting for the common areas HVAC (Daikin) System.

Week Ending: August 26, 2016 

This week has once again been VERY busy at Oakshire. We have been working on paint touch ups and punch on the 4th floor. The 3rd floor just completed drywall point up, and is getting started with paint touch ups. We are almost ready for HVAC final inspections and building final inspections on these floors. The 2nd floor flooring has just been completed, and the trim carpenters followed right behind. We are now ready for drywall point up and paint. Our first floor is following suit with the apartments.The common areas are moving along as well. The HVAC system is nearing completion and we have begun framing in all of the ceilings and soffits.

The landscaping and irrigation crew started this week and really made some great headway. The photos below show great site improvements. The site sidewalks are also complete, with the exception of the sidewalk tie-in with the city sidewalk. The concrete crew is scheduled to complete the contract work at the sidewalk tie ins the week after Labor Day.