Oakshire Trails - Pueblo, CO - March 18 - April 15, 2016 Update

The end of March was a busy time at Oakshire Trails. We started the week of the 14th with a passed steel welding inspection and more intumescent painting on site.

More trussing and framing continued, with a crane on site to install the roof trusses. The HVAC company then set dryer vent boxes on the 4th floor, before pushing forward on with the duct piping. The plumbers completed the 2nd floor and immediately started work on the 3rd floor, with eyes towards the inspection deadlines in the future. Window installation has been progressing well, as well as the patio doors. We got the materials for flashing and weatherproofing, which will be put in after the thresholds have been installed.

Our electricians worked towards permanent power, pulling wires for the switch gear and meter bank outside the building. By the end of the month, we were looking forward to permanent power.

Over the first week of April, we completed the entire framing of the structure. All roof trusses are in place, and the roof is sheathed and water tight. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical continues daily too.

We started to hang the pre-rock in the dropped ceilings on the 4th floor, after passing our inspections for it, then started to hand the drywall on the 4th floor shear walls. Fire caulking started on the 2nd floor, and fire dampers were put in on the 3rd and 4th floors. Once those inspections passed, the above ceiling frame inspections were scheduled.

The next week saw us heading into the middle of the month. We passed inspection on the 2nd floor electric and low volt wiring on Friday, and the next inspection was scheduled for Monday. Hydropro came out to set heads on the 4th floor, and a hydro test was also scheduled on Monday. The siding crew then began working on the building trim, starting on the west stair.

We passed insulation inspections on the 2-hour shafts, and will be building more of them over the weekend. The drywall crew made plans to stay the weekend to finish them as well as the dropped ceilings on the 4th floor. We passed inspections on all of the drywall shear on the 4th floor, and then proceeded with fire caulking on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

We're making good progress at Oakshire Trails. Stay tuned for the next update in a few weeks!