Investor Partnership brings major lifestyle benefits to our Senior residents.

Part of the process of tax credits in the housing industry is to have shared investors through tax credit profits.

We are very proud to have one of our shared investors be Horizon Housing Foundation which is based in St. Louis, Mo.

Over the past few years, Horizon has done more than just be an investment partner. They have in fact made significant contributions to the health and welfare of our residents at two of the major senior properties in the Hamilton Properties Corporation portfolio: Adams Park at Trenton, Mo., and MacArthur Park at Washington, Mo.

Horizon's approach to such contributions is to contact the properties in question and discuss with managers what kinds of programs or items would be of help to the residents' daily lives in terms of wellness and education. Once a course of action is determined, both Hamilton Properties Corporation and Horizon Housing Foundation combine efforts to move forward on specific senior needs as addressed by Horizon.

Over three years, our residents at Adams Park have benefited from the addition of park style wooden benches for enjoying lounging out side the building, a DVD movie projection system and screen for resident use in our large auditorium, and Nutrition and Cooking classes specifically discussing the roles that different kinds of foods play in blood pressure, blood sugar control, nutritional upgrades in diet, and cautions about the specific effects that certain foods can have on some important medications. These classes included the contribution of five crock pots for residents to borrow as needed plus some funding of food items for residents. It has further added health and nutritional information through the health department.

Our residents at MacArthur Park have also enjoyed contributions from Horizon Housing Foundation. Among those are decorative and comfortable benches near the main entrance for the use of residents waiting for rides, metal canopies for shade and shelter over our several picnic tables, resident appreciation dinners, and a major Halloween themed costume party and dinner which included a catered meal and gift cards from several local venues as prizes for various contests at the party. Contributions from Horizon of several magazines (including Missouri Conservationist) and news fliers on health information have also been a part of Horizon's ongoing commitment to their investment in these two Hamilton owned senior properties.

Teamwork between Hamilton Properties Corporation and our investor partners is always part of our goal of making the lives of our residents of the highest quality.

Horizon Housing Foundation is also our investment partner in other senior properties. We appreciate their participation at Lebanon Seniors, Richmond Seniors, Smith Senior Village, Skyview Heights Senior Apartments, and Trenton Heights Apartments.

Horizon Housing Foundation Mission:

"The Horizon Housing Foundation provides safe, affordable housing for families and seniors and supports them through programs that promote economic self sufficiency and improves their quality of life."

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Thank you, Horizon Housing Foundation!