85 North in Provo, Utah Now Open!

On September 14th Utah Regional Housing opened the doors to 85th North. 85th North is comprised of 74 one bedroom units of deeply affordable housing.  The building was a created in partnership with Trinity Housing Development, Utah Regional Housing and Scenic View Academy.  The population served by this project are seniors and disabled adults on the autism spectrum.  What sets this building apart from other housing projects is the additions to the community space that integrates the seniors with the autistic adults.  There is a game room with fun activities such as puzzles, board games and a wall size scrabble board.  The library is filled with books in a classroom style setting and a sensory room outfitted with pod chairs for quiet and gadgets for stimulation.  On the 7th floor there is the City View Terrace, a place where tenants can mingle and enjoy the amazing view of the Wasatch mountains.  85 North is beautiful by design with an amazing purpose, it’s a wonderful addition to the City of Provo.

Tom and La Dawn Painter donated $3500 for the game room in honor oftheir parents, the grandparents of tenant Dani Painter.  The family believed in holding regular family game nights to build relationships. Dani is close to 30 and this will be her first experience living on her own. Dani's unique disabilities make her more vulnerable than most of our other tenants, and 85 North is the first housing situation that felt both safe and affordable enough for Dani to live independently.

The library is named after one of the tenants, Emma Roberts. Emma's parents were unsure if Emma would ever be able to live independently, and they were looking for some sort of disability "placement" for her when they found ScenicView Academy. At ScenicView, Emma learned the skills she needed and is now employed and living on her own. Her grandparents donated $5500 for the library and named it after Emma because they were so proud of her accomplishments and hard work.

Cynthia and Douglas Gale are a highly respected family in Provo.  They were able to leverage their long-time relationship with Andi Noorda who is one of Utah’s most prominent philanthropist.  The roof top garden was named The Cynthia and Douglas Gale City View Terrace, in honor of their endless advocacy for housing and their personal commitment to the students at Scenic View.  The Club House was named after Ray and Tye Noorda for the 1,000,000 donation that allowed for the purchase of the land.  Andy wanted his parents’ name on the Club House in their honor.