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Hamilton Builders, LLC is our general contracting company formed in 2012 with the goals of constructing newly developed apartment communities and restoring/preserving/and converting historical buildings in order to provide both senior and multi-family housing developments for our clientele. All of which, green building values is the standard.

Our partners are Ryan Hamilton (vice president of Hamilton Properties Corporation), Mike Hamra (President and CEO of Hamra Enterprises), Rita Baron (President of Baron Design and Associates) and Douglas Hamilton (Construction Compliance Manager of Hamilton Properties Corporation). Since our partnership began, we have been actively at work on large apartment projects in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Green Building, the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible, is a major part of our design and implementation of our projects. Our properties are built using energy efficient materials and appliances. Using these methods, we show not only our concern and respect for the environment, but our determination to create energy efficient and therefore a less expensive lifestyle for our residents.

Working with the guidelines and the educational resources of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), we are striving to move forward and become a strong force in the Green movement to protect both the environment and to strengthen our commitment to our residents to protect the environment and to provide a better a more economic home operation.

The National Green Building Standard rating system defines green building for single-family homes, low-, mid-, and high-rise multifamily buildings, residential remodeling projects, and site development projects. Certification to the NAHB standard is provided by the NAHB Research Center. To comply with the NAHB standard, a builder or remodeler must incorporate a minimum number of features in the following areas: lot and site development; energy, water, and resource efficiency; indoor environmental quality; and homeowner education.

Our goal is to continue this practice whenever possible in all of our future construction and revitalization projects in order to provide a much more environmentally friendly and efficient home for our residents.

Our properties implement the following:

  • ENERGYSTAR appliances including, refrigerators, dish washers, water heaters and heat and air units
  • Low Energy windows
  • Energy efficient Low Flow plumbing fixtures including stools, faucets, and shower heads
  • Green Certified lumber
  • Insulation to NAHB standards
  • Insulated hot water lines
  • NAHB approved paints
  • Composite flooring partially composed of recycled materials
  • Low energy light fixtures and bulbs


Lower cost to residents through things like ENERGYSTAR appliances, more efficient insulation and a tighter sealed building.

Smaller environmental impact due to reduced consumption of energy sources and better use of building materials.

Performance improvement because of a more efficient structure and better protection from cold drafts, heat and other factors.


Many things such as changing traditional light bulbs to the newer compact fluorescent bulbs, installing high performance windows for higher thermal performance, utilizing ENERGYSTAR high efficiency appliances, building with highly effective insulation, and properly sealing the building so that no cracks or holes can impact efficiency.

We are proud to be using these technologies and building techniques both for the comfort and lifestyle of our residents and so that we can be a major part of protecting our environment.

We are also very proud that our properties have succeeded in being recognized for our efforts by being recognized and certified by a Certified Green Professional.




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