Hamilton Properties Corporation has expanded our portfolio of affordable housing

Wheat Ridge apartments consists of four locations in the Ponca City, Oklahoma area.

All units at each location are family homes welcoming all family structures ranging from a single person to families with children.

Each city location features multiple floor plans with the Wheat Ridge Newkirk community having 24 units of 12-one bedroom and 12-two bedroom apartments.

The Wheat Ridge Tonkawa community also has 24 units of 12 one bedroom and 12-two bedroom apartments.

Kaw City has two Wheat Ridge Apartment component properties with the Wheat Ridge Kaw City I community featuring 8 - two bedroom apartments. The Wheat Ridge Kaw City II community offers 1- one bedroom, 2-two bedroom, and one-3 bedroom apartments.

All four locations were acquired with the active participation and assistance of the OHFA (Oklahoma Housing Finance Association) which administers the tax credit housing program for the state of Oklahoma.

We are in the process of planning a complete rehabilitation of all four locations. All construction will be completed by Murdoch Contracting, our construction division of Hamilton Properties Corporation.

We at Hamilton Properties Corporation are excited to add these fine new apartment communities to our expanding family of outstanding apartment homes throughout the six states that we currently serve.